What Is A ListServer?

A ListServer is a great way for people to communicate via email. Rather than a static Discussion Group or Blog where members simply post messages, a ListServer offers a way for members to post those messages to a mailing list, which are then automatically sent to each member of the list via email.

The IIMHL ListServer includes two (2) components:

  • EMAIL COMPONENT - The most familiar and easiest to use. Once you're on a list, all you have to do is SEND and REPLY to ListServer messages just as you do with your regular email. All ListServer messages are sent to your email address, and you use your email software (Outlook, Eudora, GroupWise, Netscape, etc.) to communicate.

    CAUTION: When you REPLY to a ListServer message like you do with regular email, your reply will be sent to EVERYONE on the list (can be very embarrassing). This is because the message actually comes from the ListServer, not the individual author of the message. To respond to just the author of the message, use the link immediately under the message header that says:

    ** To respond to the author of this message, send mailto:someone@somecompany.com **
    (omit "mailto:" if addressing manually)


  • WEBSITE COMPONENT - In addition to being its own email server, the ListServer is a website as well, separate and distinct from IIMHL.COM. It has its own security structure, independent of IIMHL.COM, based on your email address (Username) and a password in each of the lists to which you may be subscribed.


  • Access archives of list postings, sorted by date, author, or subject.

  • Change list membership settings, such as your email address, name, password, and receipt options.

  • Ask for a password reminder to be emailed to you, if you forget your password.

  • Search for keywords in list postings.

  • Look for a particular message by jumping to the date it was posted.

  • Unsubscribe from a list.

  • WEBSITE COMPONENT INSTRUCTIONS - Click here to see more instructions on using the website component, including screen shots of all the ListServer menus you will encounter.